Feddes Chiropractic | My Belief System

My belief system is based on an intimate understanding about the innate power within every living human being and the bodies amazing ability to heal itself naturally.

  • I believe with few exceptions that medications may be necessary on occasion to overcome acute syndromes but are not a good solution for long-term health management.
  • I believe that every action has a reaction, and that every bad health choice we make will manifest itself at some point in the future. I believe that you “are what you eat,” and “if you don’t use it, you lose it” philosophies!
  • I believe that every medication and/or toxin you introduce to your body will have, to some degree, a side effect or create an imbalance or deficiency; realized or not; regardless of its presumed safety.
  • I believe that what was once good for you is still good for you; exercising and eating healthy. Our bodies haven’t changed in 1000 years; the chronic stresses of today’s world have! Our bodies are simply unable to overcome the constant bombardment of these stresses time and time again, thus eventually breaking down to a point where sickness is inevitable.
  • I believe that we are not merely helpless victims, and health is not sheer luck or bad genes! If you believe you have NO CONTROL over your health. YOU WON’T. Your health is IN YOUR control and only you can take responsibility for it.
  • I believe that you cannot POISON your body into health.
  • I believe that the current healthcare system would save millions of dollars if they implemented “preventative care” and “health care” programs focusing on treatment of the cause of disease opposed to “sickness care” and/or “symptoms based care.”
  • I believe that in order to be healthy we need to remove anything that interferes with your bodies ability to fight off disease and sickness. This may be in the form of nerve interference that can effect our bodies immune and organ function, toxins in our environment and food, a bad attitude or just not getting enough sleep.
  • I believe that if you have a spine and are breathing, you need to periodically get your spine checked by a specialist to ensure optimal health and maximum organ/tissue function.

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